Seek Peace and Pursue It

So many times, we get to the end of a stress-filled day and wonder why things went so badly. We blame people; we blame circumstances. But when we look at things closely, we will notice a point where things spiraled out of control. That point is when we lose our peace. Peace is a wonderful gift that God gives to those who put their trust in Him. When we walk in peace, the world can fall apart around us and we remain calm. When we lose our peace, the slightest thing can set us off and set our day on a downward course. So why do we lose our peace? As we look at the Scriptures, we see an interesting fact: peace must be pursued.

In Psalms 34:14, we read “Seek peace and pursue it.” To me, this involves two distinct steps: the seeking and the pursuit. Seeking peace means searching for it. This is where our daily walk with God or lack thereof comes into play. If we are continually in the Word and talking with God, we sense His presence easily and in His presence, there is a peace like no other. When we know that the God of the universe walks besides us, there is nothing to fear. We are safe. However, if we do not walk closely with God, He seems to be a distant God and the problems of life seem huge. The peace of God seems like a dream we can only hope to obtain. It is still there but it takes a massive search.

The second part of this passage speaks to pursuit. Does the peace of God move, making us chase it? Yes and no. No in the fact that God does not hide his peace and make us chase it like some game. But, at the same time, God is a God of constant motion. He is always working for our good, encouraging us to move out of our comfort zone to where He is, on the edges reaching out to the most marginalized peoples. If we stay put, where we think is safe is actually not safe at all for it is out of His will. We must pursue until at last we arrive in His perfect will and there His peace will be.

So, if we really think about it, it is not our peace that must be guarded; it is His peace that must be sought after and pursued. But our goal should be a pursuit that is more of a guided walk rather than a frantic chase. When we walk in His peace, we have clarity and the knowledge that we are more than conquerors through Him. When we see ourselves this way, we are unstoppable!


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