On this blog, I have highlighted various ways we can reach our world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have seen how important it is to work together and to recognize the giftings that lie in each believer.We know how important it is to share the Gospel with others and how the Gospel is so much more than the hope of heaven someday. We are meant to live an abundant life now. But what is it that takes us to the next level, the level where whole nations are impacted and communities transformed forever?

I believe it comes down to how we answer two key questions. First, how much do we want it? And second, what are we willing to risk to get there?

First, on the subject of desire, are we willing to settle for small victories? I’m sure the enemy will be willing to concede little battles if we don’t care to lose the war. And honestly, I think that is where we are at. We celebrate our new 5,000 seat sanctuary or our latest conference while our communities are increasingly becoming places of darkness. There is nothing wrong with being thankful for what God is doing but remember, when you are in a war like we are, you strap in for the long haul. Too many times, it is like celebrating that we scored a goal while conveniently forgetting our opponent has 3 goals.

But we act like the one goal is enough. Sure celebrate the goal for a short time but we need 3 more and perhaps we even lucked into the goal we have. When the enemy sees us to be content with a participation trophy, all he has to do is run out the clock. We only have this time to affect the eternal destinies of those around us; there are no do overs.

This leads me to question two: what risks are we willing to take to win? Don’t get me wrong; I know the Bible says ultimately we win and sin is defeated. But I am not talking about that; I am talking about the souls alive on this planet now. We as Christians are overall doing a horrible job of reaching them with the Gospel. I think this failure is due to three main reasons:

First, we compromise. We want the world to like us. Jesus was clear; we will have enemies if we speak the truth. In developed countries, we worry about being laughed at. In many other countries, faith in Jesus could mean losing your family or death. God forgive me for keeping quiet.

Second, we live in fear. What could it cost us if we share our faith? We should rather ask the question, what will happen if I don’t? Our current moral crises we face are because Christians said nothing or when they did, they spoke with a hate or self righteousness that the world saw and wrongly associated with the Gospel.

Third, we are too comfortable. As long as my family has nice clothes, nice cars, and nice schools, why should I care about anyone else? Or worse yet, my church is the largest church in the nation; I must be doing it right.

This leads me to my last thought of this post and the thought that will lay the groundwork for upcoming posts: what risks does my church need to make to truly reach its full destiny? What will it cost me as a leader? What will be the cost if I don’t act? Let us never settle for anything less than God’s best.




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