The Things We Leave Behind

What really controls our lives? Is it a quest for financial security or continual good times? Do we constantly learn just to say we are an expert in a field? Do we go from relationship to relationship seeking joy we only find in Christ? Michael Card wrote an inspiring song a few years back that challenged us as believers to discover true freedom apart from possessions and worldly standards :

It’s hard to imagine the freedom we find
From the things we leave behind

I would like to challenge you this day with a thought: whatever holds you back from giving your all for Christ isn’t worth it. No amount of money will satisfy. Hours of television will waste years of your life you can’t get back. You say you’ll get right tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and you push it off again. Don’t fall for the devil’s trap; make the choice today to live radically different.

In this blog, I speak much on the topic of strategy. Today’s blog is at the very heart of strategy. The most strategic move you can ever make, the move that will transform you from a weak Christian with good intentions into a warrior that makes an eternal difference is this: you surrender.

It sounds counterproductive. Since when does a warrior surrender? A warrior becomes a warrior that makes a difference only when they are willing to lay down all they know and follow their leader’s plan. Someone might be naturally strong but it is in following a strict regimen of training set by an expert that they become world-class. The most renowned scientists of in the world are willing to challenge their own theories if it means achieving breakthrough in a difficult area. A baseball player learns to hold a bat different, a swimmer adjusts their stroke, and a farmer adjusts how he or she plows their field to get a better harvest. We must learn to give up even the pretty good to gain God’s best.

We must be willing to give up our tightly held traditions and exchange them for a truly biblical worldview. This includes any belief that involves “being relevant to reach people.” Call it what it really is: an excuse to look like the world and escape getting mocked by a world hostile to the Gospel. People are dying for the Gospel all across the world, separating themselves from the culture they grew up knowing so they stand out as a beacon of truth and yet we do all we can to blend in and hope for subtle opportunities to share a watered down faith or moral principle. How has that gone for us so far?

In closing, we must be bold like the explorers who left the old country in search of new uncharted lands. They didn’t know what perils they would face but they knew the potential treasure was worth it. It is worth it to fully follow Christ. When we cast off the pleasures of this world we find so enthralling and trade them for God’s true riches, we will experience true contentment and peace like nothing else we have ever experienced. So rely on God’s strength and give Him all your life. Your world will never be the same and it will be totally worth it.


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