Evangelism / Great Commission

Building Blocks of a Comprehensive Plan

1. Never lose sight of the goal. Our commission given to us by Jesus is to take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth and to reach all the world. It is not enough to reach some. We have to reach all. We were not put on this earth for any other purpose. Any other goal, no matter how noble, must come second. All we do must advance the Gospel message.

2. There are many ways to advance the Gospel message. God created us each special with special gifts and abilities. We can share the Gospel of God’s love through the arts, sports, the spoken word, health care, media, recreation, science, and countless other ways. Discover what is that makes you special and go for it!

3. Track your progress. For example, if you feel led to reach the arts community of Kalamazoo, Michigan with the Gospel, know your audience. Are there three theater companies with 50 workers? What are their names? Where did they go to school? How many have you met? What are their specialities? The more you know, the more personalized the gospel message you can present to them. Also, use modern technology to record where you are working and where you are no. Maps reveal holes in coverage and opportunities for service.

4. No matter how large your target group is, salvation is still an individual decision and discipleship an individual path. This is why it takes all Christians doing their parts for us to be truly successful. I could hold a city-wide meeting and have 300 people give their lives to Jesus. What I have to remember is the 300 salvations represent 300 individual souls that are on 300 different faith journeys with 300 different backgrounds. For them to grow in faith, I cannot present one method of discipleship alone and I probably won’t have enough time of day to meet with all 300 in a quality way. But if I had 100 or even better 300 coworkers in the faith who got to know these new believers personally, I could expect wonderful results.

5. We must not get distracted by personal pleasure; we have a job to do. Sure, God wants us to enjoy life. But that is not our primary purpose on this earth. We are to bring as many people to heaven with us as possible. God desires a personal relationship with everyone on this planet. He alone has the power to heal, deliver, and give life purpose. We must not get so wrapped up in this world’s culture (our favorite TV show, sports, music, friends, and so on) that we miss the opportunities Gd gives us every day to make a difference.

6. Working together is a necessity. I’m not saying eliminate denominations or live communally. What I am saying is that we can’t allow minor doctrinal differences to divide us from helping each other. For example, Baptists and Pentecostals have differences on how they view the work of the Holy Spirit yet share much in common. Would you as a Baptist pastor be willing to join together with a Pentecostal pastor to do an outreach? Also, different groups present the Gospel in ways that certain social groups repsond to better. Is it all about growing your church or the Church?

7. Be willing to be different and to be persecuted. Be willing to be made fun of for your faith. dare to be different. Be willing to be arrested or even killed. Any good soldier must be willing to fight through the pain. This Gospel is worth fighting for; stand up for the Truth in love and let’s win this!


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