What God Requires (Part 1)

When thinking of a topic to write about, I believe God put on my heart to ask the simple question: What does God want from us as believers? What are His top priorities that we should be pursuing? Several Scripture passages speak to the things God would have us do and help us become the people we need to be. Some passages will be from the Old Testament and some will be from the New Testament. Over the next few posts, I hope to bring these verses together and paint a clear picture of what it really means to be a follower of Christ that lives in a way that declares who God is and why anyone should want to join them on their journey.

To look at things fully, I think we should start at the beginning–in Genesis. In Genesis 6:9 we read:

 Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

This is what God says of the man who He chose to save from the upcoming flood judgments. In the midst of an evil generation, Noah walked with God, meaning communing with God was a part of his daily life. And that is where any study of what God wants or how we should live should start; we should commit to above all else to getting to know God. It is not enough to know facts about God or to discuss the meaning of God. We must get to know Him as best friends. We must learn to talk to Him not just when we want something and that is harder than it sounds.

We know He is our Savior, able to deliver us from our sins. We can even call Him Lord, worthy of worship and Someone who must be obeyed. But we neglect to see Him as Friend, the One who will laugh with us, comfort us, encourage us, and guide us. Noah walked with God and in so doing prepared himself for the task of his life. How could anyone be prepared for such a monumental undertaking? Simply put, Noah was ready because He had learned the two most important aspects of any walk with God. First, He knew God’s voice. He didn’t have any doubt who was talking to him. Our lives seem the most out of control when we feel we can’t hear God speaking above all the other noise. Like Noah, we need to tune out the racket of voices that threaten to dilute our ability to hear God.

And second, Noah trusted God. It is one thing to hear God’s voice; it is another thing to always obey. Noah knew God had been good to him and his family so he obeyed and built the ark and followed God’s other commands. He could only do that because of his daily walk with God and his trust in a trustworthy God. We can trust Him and begin the amazing journey of discovering God’s awesome plans for our lives and for our world.


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