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Why Maps Matter

Just as recent as a few decades ago, you could look at a map and see blank spots, unknown areas waiting to be explored. Explorers studied the map and pondered what could be in those blank spots. They then set out on their quest into the unknown, preparing as best they could. What lay beyond was a mystery–but they knew that they wanted to experience all the adventure life had to offer.

Today, with the advent of satellite maps, there are few physical places on Earth left unexplored. But in the journey God has called us to, there are many unreached people to share His love with. We must be willing to brave the unknown, going to places where little is known of our great God. And we must take our maps with us, charting the new lands so others will have a clear path on which to go water the gospel seeds we plant.

Maps are crucial to our quest to reach everyone in the world with the Gospel. We need to take them out and ask the hard questions “Where haven’t we gone?” and also “If someone has gone, what did they find?” We must not be afraid to lay a map out before the Lord and ask where He would have us go. We must then take that map and go to the people, praying each step of the way. But before anyone thinks I’m just referring to a missionary going to Botswana or Bhutan, I want to declare perhaps the most important thing I’ve posted on this blog thus far: we need to realize that perhaps our own neighborhood is as big a frontier. Hundreds live around us, driving past us every day. How many haven’t heard the true gospel message? How many have only heard about joining a church and never about the Jesus that church represents? We have to find out, much like the early explorers had to find out.

What heartaches are the people experiencing? What brings them joy? What can we do to help? These are questions that must be answered alongside the most important: has everyone really been reached? When we reach them, we need to record what we find. It is safe to say that rarely does one reach an entire area in one attempt. Who lives next door to Mrs. Smith? Does Mr. Jones’ children get enough to eat? Does Mr. Gonzalez have a sister in the hospital who needs our prayers? Until we can say we know the answers to these questions and are actively doing something about it, our task is not done.

We must boldly go to all the world with the Gospel, unafraid to venture into dark unknown places whether they be across the globe or across the street. And we must take our maps with us, charting a strategic course that results in God’s love penetrating every dark place and leaving no one without access to His light.


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