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Ready, Aim… (part 3)

In the last post in this series, we looked at just what it meant to fulfill the Great Commission. Now we are going to look at another very important aspect: where am I called to go?

I think people get hung up in one of two camps. Either you focus almost exclusively on your city and ignore the billions around the world, throwing them token offerings. But conversely, you could send thousands, to say, Burkina Faso, yet ignore the hurting in your own backyard. A balance has to be struck. For me, the balance is found when I read the verse found in Acts 1:8:

“And you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in
Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

This verse tells me there are four levels of Great Commission strategy we as a Church need to be involved in.

1. Jerusalem. This is our neighborhood churches making sure that everyone in our city is reached. This involves Bible studies and groups springing up everywhere across the area so that everyone in town knows the name of a church body that loves them and will pray with them.

2. Judaea. This to me represents our state or province. This is the realm of associations banding together to start new works and assist in relief efforts. State missions need to make sure that each county’s association is represented and fully functioning.

3. Samaria. This represents national strategy or continent strategy. Here is where you have national initiatives and unify the various state associations. Make sure that the various subcultures within the nation are being engaged. Also, reaching the various ethnic groups represented in the nation bridges well to…

4. The uttermost parts of the earth. Oftentimes, foreign nationals will return to their homelands. It is imperative that we intentionally reach out to all ethnic groups, especially those in closed countries, and train church planters to return and craft national strategies that will reach all the nations of the earth.

One final thought: it is key that we learn about the various people groups of the world. How can we reach them if we don’t know they exist? Take the time to pray for them and engage their needs. Together, we can go in to all the world and make a difference for the kingdom.


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