Ready, Aim….. (part 1)

We as believers like to talk about all the things we do to fulfill the Great Commission, but are we really getting the job done? Are we aiming at the right targets or even aiming at enough targets? In these next four posts, I’d like to explore the topic of what going into all the world and making disciples actually looks like. Together, let’s look at the who, what, where, and why of the Great Commission mandate.

This first post addresses the who part of the question: Who has God called to reach the world? The answer is everyone. We need all hands on deck. God is calling teachers, bankers, lawyers, custodians, retail workers, students, homemakers, and clergy to come together to make a difference.

And a secondary question is this: if God called me to my community, will doing something someone else has done at another church really work? I am here to say that we can do better as a Church than simply cutting and pasting methods and techniques from church planting books. Don’t get me wrong; I believe that there are many books and conferences out there that can teach us a great deal on how to better reach our world with the Gospel. But I think the danger is that we lose so much of the personality that God has purposefully planted inside of us when are content to create churches that are merely hybrids of other churches. God wants to use us and our uniqueness, not create another Rick Warren or Andy Stanley or whoever. There is one Rick and one Andy and that is how He intended it.

Too many times, we let fear stop us from being ourselves. Step out; address the topics God has put on your heart. In my case, it’s the idea that we need to reach everyone not with a generic strategy that is hit and miss, but intentionally going into every neighborhood with the intent of touching every person in that neighborhood with the Gospel, all the while mapping the extent of our outreach and searching for opportunity. I want to reach across denominational lines and develop a movement that draws millions together with one target in mind: souls. Will I face criticism? Probably. Will many not buy in, instead choosing to be a church that acts as an island, hoping to be sheltered from society’s ills? Possibly. But will it stop me? Not a chance. I know the vision God has birthed in me can change the world and I will not give it up.

So if God has spoken something unique to your heart, seek godly counsel (after seeking the Word to make sure it’s something biblical) and then go for it. Be you. With God’s help, make the difference you were put here on this earth to make. And then unite with other believers making their own difference to multiply your impact.

In part two, we will look at the what of the Great Commission. What is it that we are supposed to be doing?


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