Discipleship / Evangelism / Great Commission

Where to Begin?

I think a great jumping off point in beginning to fulfill the Great Commission is simply this: to make disciples, you must be a disciple. We must sit at the feet of Jesus and learn how he wants us to live. We oftentimes make it more complicated. We devise intricate marketing strategies that ignore the importance of spending time with the Lord. If we don’t really know who God is and how He works, we can’t really share who He is and how He works with others.

Think of it this way: I have a friend that I claim is my best friend. Whenever I’m with my other friends, I talk about him and how great he is and what amazing work he does at his job. I talk about how blue is his favorite color and he enjoys travelling to Argentina for vacation. There is just one little problem: I found out all this information on Facebook. I actually only talked to him twice and that was two years ago. Are we really that close? What would he say? Most likely, if asked, this friend would maybe acknowledge having talked to you and maybe even remember you as a pleasant person. But best friends? Not even close. And when the inevitable happens and it’s revealed I’m more of a fan than a friend, I look foolish. Relationship is about communication and interaction.

It’s the same with God. You can’t walk around saying “I know God” if you don’t spend time with Him. If we are really honest, it’s a trap we can all fall into–talking about God but not to Him, not gaining His insights on our world.

So before we set out to reap the harvest of souls, we need to step back and examine if we are true best friends with God or just someone who operates His Facebook fan page. When we spend time with the Lord, we allow His character to shine through our lives and draw people to us. In my next blog, we will look at what it really means to be a disciple of Christ that draws others to Jesus.



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